What Makes Wendy Klein CPA Professional Corporation Stand Out

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About Wendy Klein CPA Professional Corporation

I’m a certified public accountant with an MST in Taxation and have been practicing accounting for more than thirty-six years. I set up my accounting firm in 2003 and serve clients in Idaho, California and across the country and beyond.

I work primarily with entrepreneurs and closely held businesses that don’t have a sophisticated internal accounting department in place. I help review their internally generated financial data so it can be used to make good management decisions as well as accurate tax reporting.

My services include tax planning, business start-up assistance, accounting, bookkeeping, tax compliance, and representation. I also have an in depth understanding of virtual currency issues and taxation, and have worked with many clients in this emerging area to get and stay compliant. I also collaborate with other professionals to assist my clients when the subject is out of my scope of expertise.

The Wendy Klein CPA Professional Corporation Difference

One aspect that makes me second to none is my knowledge base, as I constantly strive to keep up to date with current trends and take law changes very seriously.

What also sets me apart is my proactive client service, which has become my hallmark. I’m responsive and stay in regular communication concerning projects in process and advise on tasks that need to be undertaken timely. I also notify my clients when new tax issues/laws affect them or their industry, so that we can take appropriate action for the most benefit or least detrimental impact.

My personalized approach has led to retaining clients for over twenty-five years while growing my practice through word of mouth referrals.

I am constantly innovating and looking to implement the latest technologies to communicate effectively and improve efficiency behind the scenes.

While I’m passionate about what I do, I also care about protecting the environment and work hard to use as little paper as possible in a paper intensive industry.

In aiming to achieve that goal, I utilize an electronic note pad to take notes and use PDF files to share tax returns and other documents unless a client specifically asks for a physical copy. Along the way, I’ve managed to store over two hundred clients’ files in just two file cabinets by scanning and saving documents rather than printing. I take extremely serious measures to safeguard data both from data loss and data theft.

In addition to respecting our environment, I also believe in giving back to society. I volunteer at the local zoo every Friday. I’m also a regular donor to the zoo, a not-for-profit endeavor that donates millions to wildlife conservation locally and worldwide.

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