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Certified Public Accountant in Idaho & California

Offering services including Tax planning, Tax Preparation and Compliance, Business Consulting, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Virtual Currency Taxation and Trust & Estate Taxation.

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Need assistance with your tax planning? I've got you and your business goals and objectives in mind. With a Masters degree in taxation, you and all your tax planning needs are in expert hands.

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Wendy Klein CPA Professional Corporation

Tax Accountant, Preparer & Consultant in Meridian, Idaho

Here at Wendy Klein CPA, Professional Corporation, I am dedicated to you and all your different accounting needs.

I have over 35+ years of experience dedicated to your personal service and satisfaction.

My CPA firm is here to help you and your small business. From tax planning to accounting needs you might have, I'm here to help you achieve your goals.

Certified in both Idaho and California, I stay current with continuing education and seminars to ensure I am up-to-date on all of the newest information, laws, regulations, and techniques in our field.

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My Company At A Glance

  • What Makes Me Different
  • Knowledge Base
  • Some Of The Benefits
  • Dedication to personal service and satisfaction
  • 35+ years of public accounting experience
  • Quick and personal response
  • Flexible hours
  • Year round service
  • Certified Public Accountant in Idaho and California
  • Masters in Taxation (MST)
  • Small business tax and accounting
  • Choice of business entity
  • Tax Planning
  • Virtual Currency Taxation
  • Trust and Estate Taxation
  • Multistate tax issues
  • International Tax Experience
  • Experienced dealing with multiple taxing authorities
  • Representation during taxing authority inquiry and audits
  • An accounting practice with over 35 years experience
  • A free initial consultation about your business requirements
  • Accounting fees agreed in advance and not dependent on income level
  • Tax planning
  • Company forecasts
  • QuickBooks Pro Advisor
  • Network of other professionals
  • Assistance getting you back into tax compliance

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    8 Benefits of Tax Planning for Business

    Tax planning is an important aspect of any business that should not be overlooked. Even though business owners have a lot of tasks to manage, tax planning can be one of the most valuable things to do for the business. In fact, there are many benefits of tax planning that can help save money and improve the business as a whole. Here are eight of the top benefits of tax planning for businesses:

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  • Tax Preparer Boise

    New Reporting Requirements: Navigating the Complex Landscape of Beneficial Ownership for Small Businesses in 2024

    Once again our federal government has, in it’s infinite wisdom, added yet another form of required reporting for small business owners. This one is a purely administrative burden, but has a tremendous amount of pitfalls and penalties if not done timely and correctly. This is not a tax reporting, you can file the forms yourselves. I mainly want to bring the requirement to your attention because I have not heard much about it in general conversation, so many of you may not even know this is out there, but I have heard much about it in my tax world and it is something you are all subject to whether you are aware of it or not. It is something I can help you with or file on your behalf. That will be for you to decide once you have looked into it.

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