Collaboration With Other Professionals

Often times situations arise that require the services of other trusted professionals. Business succession planning, business exit strategies, estate planning and complex transactional issues are just a few such situations. We work in conjunction with select professionals who have earned our trust. Working in a collaborative manner we help our clients achieve their desired goals.

Tax Compliance and Representation

Have you gotten off track and behind in your tax filing? Has the IRS or other taxing authority notified you that you must get back in compliance or that  your returns are under examination? Dealing with the IRS or other tax agencies can be intimidating and a little scary. With 30 years of experience representing clients before these agencies, we can help take the stress away and give you back peace of mind.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Many small businesses don't have the resources to have a full time accounting or bookkeeping staff working for them. We can work with your staff to be sure that the books and records are up to date and accurate so that you know where your business is financially and can make appropriate and informed business decisions.

Business Startup Services

Starting a new business? Where do you begin?  Should I be an LLC or is a corporation best? We can help with some of these important decisions such as type of operating entity, and determining your filing and compliance obligations. We can be sure you are registered to do business properly and fill out all necessary forms and elections that your new business needs.

Tax Planning

Knowing what to expect come tax time goes a long way to alleviating financial stress. Being able to plan ahead and be proactive in determining your potential tax consequences is a financial victory. Whether it is just the normal evaluation of your current tax situation, or planning for a large transaction, I have the knowledge and expertise to help you mount that tax victory.


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